A Word from Holy Spirit January 9th 2021...THE WALLS ARE COMING DOWN

Melissa Corbin

January 9th 2021

Tonight I was worshipping and I saw in a vision:

A large brick wall shaking violently. The earths ground was vibrating beneath the people’s feet. I saw people with their hands in the air worshipping Jesus with obvious Joy on their faces.

Then all of a sudden the wall collapsed and a rushing wave came flooding in and all the people worshipping God, remained standing with their arms stretched high praising Him.

The vision was over and I asked God the meaning of this and this is what I felt the Lord said:

“The things that have been shaking are about to fall. My glory will come rushing in like a flood.
Those who stand firm in my word, who trusts in me and keeps on with the good fight of faith will Not be tossed to and fro.

They will remain standing and rejoicing for their God is faithful and My glory will surround them like a rushing wave.
The joy you saw on their faces are because of their great expectations stemmed from great faith.

The wave of glory carries much, the awaited promises, the breakthroughs, the miracles and signs and wonders that my people have been waiting for.
The walls are coming down.”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin