It's Coming
It’s Coming

Melissa Corbin

Vision July 17th 2021

Vision 17 July 2021.
It’s coming.

Today as I worshipping I saw an absolute massive wave, the biggest I have ever seen, crashing on the beach with great power and thunder, sounded almost like the wave was roaring.

As the wave eventually receded back into the water, I saw thousands and thousands, to much to count, of people emerging from that massive wave onto the sands shore, holding swords and shields as they started to run with determination, power and strength.

I asked Holy Spirit what does this mean, I believe he said:
“These are my people who relentlessly hunger for righteousness without compromise. They are my warriors that will become world changers bringing truth and healing to this hurting and deceived world.

They are bold and courageous, they do not entertain fear and live by unshakable faith.
Their hearts burn to see the glory of God manifest around the globe. They continue to seek me in the hidden and secret place and are now ready for the battlefield.

This wave is about to hit the shores with a crashing sound, a sound of revival as darkness is exposed and defeated.
They are ready for battle, they are coming with a roar ready to shine their light for the world to see my glory, mercy and love that has no end.”
I then looked up the meaning of wave and it said, outpouring of the holy spirit… I believe we are going to see the biggest out pouring of the Holy Spirit this world has ever seen. Miracles, signs and wonders.

I also looked up sand and it said believers, innumerable, many or multitude… I believe the amount of people that will encounter God with joy, healing and deliverance will be too much to even attempt to count.

I looked up thunder and it meant voice of God, judgement, power, powerful voices… I believe these people of God emerging from this wave will come with powerful messages, signs and wonders; they will be voicing the heart of God causing deception to fall like the walls of Jericho.
Jesus is the truth and the only answer to this worlds chaos.

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