A vision from the Father July 31st 2021

Melissa Corbin

For about 7 days now I have been seeing this repeated short vision going through my mind, to the point I realised He wanted to get my attention, so I admit having had a busy week, today I settled myself and wrote this vision down and asked Holy Spirit if there was more He wanted to show me and tell me and He did.
So here it is.

I saw myself looking down as if I was hovering up in the sky, and beneath me I saw a familiar massive wave (similar to the one a couple weeks ago I posted), this massive unstoppable wave came crashing into buildings all around the cities, stores, bars, cafes, churches and dark street allies.

I saw this wave continuing to flow rapidly into suburbs, neighbourhoods, there was nowhere that could escape this wave of glory around the globe.
This is the point where I asked Holy Spirit, okay show me more. Go deeper with this Lord.

I then saw Jesus standing at front doors in people’s homes all around the world, I saw those people falling to their knees in absolute awe and thankfulness, worshipping Him with tears streaming down their faces.
I then saw Him in prison cells, hospital rooms, offices, restaurants, even in their vehicles as these people who were impacted by the wave of glory, started weeping uncontrollably with joy and a loud praise.

I heard them screaming, “Victory has come! Victory! He fought the battle for us! Victory is here!”
I then asked Him what HE had to say about this and I believe I heard,

“To those who lost much, yet remained faithful, I’m coming in a wave of glory.

To those who called out to me while they cried themselves to sleep, I’m coming.

To those who feel invisible and purposeless, I’m coming.
To those who are waiting for breakthrough patiently in praise and gratitude, I’m coming.

To those who are praying earnestly for the prodigals, I’m coming.

To those who are waiting for healing, I’m coming.
The worlds chaos cannot stop this wave of my glory. My love and mercy will speak louder than the chaos. Mercy triumphs over judgment.”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin