Applying the word

Melissa Corbin

Imagine you have a wound on your arm and the doctor gave you cream and maybe some tablets also. Now obviously if the cream isn’t applied nor the tablets aren’t swallowed they won’t work, your condition won’t change and might even get worse.

Same with the Word of God. If the truth that we read isn’t applied to our lives we won’t see change and victory. How do we apply the Word to our lives? By believing every word in the bible and acting on it in faith with our actions and our words we speak.

Example, fear creeps near so we choose with our free will to quote scriptures of Gods promises and worship with everything we have, instead of complaining and speaking negativity which only feeds the fear.

We need to choose to speak out loud what God CAN and will do in Jesus name and not focus or entertain the negativity. Worship in hard times is the greatest form of warfare I have found, because it puts emphasis on who God is and what He can do instead of focusing on what the enemy is doing.

Another example, condemnation creeps near. I like to speak out loud and say NO, the bible says, As He is so am I in this world, therefore I am Holy, righteous, justified, totally forgiven and relentlessly loved by the Father. He never reminds me of what I did wrong so why should I entertain it. There is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

Last Example, Hopelessness creeps in. I would again say NO, I can do all things through Christ and I have a bright and exciting future with Jesus. Lord I thank you that miracles are always possible and I trust you will work everything out as I choose to continue to pray and praise you, reminding myself of your promises daily. You are a God that always fulfills your promises because you are a good Father. I won’t complain or let circumstances speak louder than truth. You are my Truth.

Then, I would also speak out loud the promises He gave me until they all digest and I am left with a smile on my face waiting in expectation and joy.

If we think right, we will then speak right, therefore we will live right and see victory after victory. We must apply the Word, its our weapon and our comfort which reminds us of who we are through Christ.

“Rescued and Redeemed by Grace”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin