Melissa Corbin

Jesus and I were walking through thick, vibrant green grass that was up to our mid calves. The sun was shining brightly and the crisp cool air against our faces. We were chatting away as best friends do, laughing and sharing our heart with one another. He suddenly said playfully, “Jump on my back.”

I was excited as I haven’t been on someones back since I was a child. I happily jumped on and He carried me as if I had no weight at all, so effortlessly. With my head resting on His shoulder from behind still chatting away, I eventually fell asleep.

Having no idea how long I was asleep, when I did wake my eyes looked up meeting His, as He so lovingly was looking down at me. His eyes were so filled of Love for me it brought tears that started to flow down my cheeks. I realized I was being carried in His arms like a groom carried His bride.

With horror I said, “Jesus I’m so sorry, I fell asleep!” Just the thought that we were talking and in the midst of our conversation I fell sleep, how rude!
He replied with a smile of unconditional compassion and love in His eyes, “Yes you did, now awake.”

As I opened my eyes from the vision, I immediately understood what He was telling me. For a couple of months I wasn’t spending quality time with Him like I usually do, due to the busyness of life at that time. I was reading The Word most days which was great, but I wasn’t spending that quality quiet one and one time with Him, listening to His voice, worshiping, basking in His presence that comforts me like a warm blanket.

You read earlier in the vision how Jesus and I were chatting away, laughing and even playing but always in constant communication.

When busyness hit me allowing my priorities to fall, I unintentionally paused with the intimate fellowship for quite some time, that’s when I “fell asleep” so to speak.

The bible says we are to draw near to Him and He will draw near to us.
We must stay in daily fellowship making time for the number One in our lives, Jesus.

Let me put it this way. How do we become close with our partner, kids or best friends? With frequent communication and quality time with them. This kind of seeking and intimacy with Jesus must never cease. Our relationship with Him is the most important thing in this world, nothing compares or should ever take priority over that. Remember this relationship with our Saviour is eternal!

“Rescued and Redeemed by Grace”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin