Power of worship

Melissa Corbin

I have learnt that Worship, Rejoicing and Praising is not only for times of being in good health, pain free and when things are going well or should I say, our way.

It should be everyday even if we are in physical pain, feeling sick or feeling low. If we only worship when things are going well, then I ask this, does that mean it’s all about us? But if we worship also in times of pain and struggles then we know it’s all about Him.

Let praise always be on our lips. He is a good and faithful Father and we should never let circumstances speak louder than truth. What is truth? He is FOR us, He LOVES us, He always has our back and He will always be on the Throne! 

We were created for this very thing, to worship our Father, our King, our Savior, our best friend. I feel worship leads us into a sacred place of intimacy, revelation and total awe. Worship is also the most powerful warfare weapon we can use against tough times.

Worship ushers in that tangible presence that brings peace that goes beyond understanding. I have had times when I would start devotion and I didn’t know what to say, lost for words. So I just started to worship, then eventually the words started to flow out as I prayed and praised Him. I found worshiping Him first was a great way to start devotion.

Sometimes in worship all I could do was speak in tongues or groan with tears streaming down and I was left feeling His presence like no other! I knew something in the spiritual realm shifted, it was powerful.

Worship is a beautiful fragrance to the throne. The angels are always in worship and awe of the Father. 

We must remain faithful even in the hard times, worship and watch and see what the Lord will do for us and thorough us.

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin