A Word from Holy Spirit Dec 27th 2020...PREPARE

Melissa Corbin

27th Dec 2020, I heard this today from the Holy Spirit which brought me to tears as I am also waiting like millions of others around the globe for breakthroughs. This encouraged me greatly. He said:

“Prepare for the suddenly. Prepare for the visitations from heaven.
Even though the onslaught of firey arrows have been relentless and very painful, know that I am on the throne.

Nothing escapes my attention. I am for you and the locust will pay for all they have eaten.
Hold your head up, look to me, your saviour is on the move.

Prepare, I’m about to storm into homes around the globe like a rushing wave.
It will take you by surprise.

Dont be confused by the uncomfortable silence, The suddenly is approaching silently.
Healing, miracles, breakthroughs are at the doorstep.

Don’t stop seeking nor believing. Let your expectations in me increase greatly because I never disappoint and I am faithful and able.
Don’t be discouraged by what you have been waiting on for months or even years.
This is the time, the season for my glory to come upon the earth in such a mighty way that will birth revival in peoples hearts and the nations.

Expect big, don’t limit me, nothing is impossible for me to fulfill in your life.
Don’t be deceived by the world’s kaos.

Desern the times we are in, be still and look closer then you will see the truth.
For every kaos in the world and even in your own life, there is a truth that will bring calm, peace, revelation and eventually victory.

I am the truth, the way and the life. Be still and know that I am God.
Prepare for the suddenly that is around the corner.

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin