Stop Worrying
Stop Worrying

Melissa Corbin

Thought this part of a vision I had Yesterday during worship would encourage and speak to others as it comforted and spoke volumes to me.. So here goes:

I saw myself sitting next to Jesus by this stunning river, our legs were dangling in the calm waters up to our mid calves. There was a cool breeze and all was quiet except the sound of the rivers waters.
Jesus turned his face towards me and said:

“Melissa, I want you to truly rest in me.”
I quickly responded with a desperate and heavy heart, “Lord how do I truly do that?”
I was expecting this long explanation when he replied immediately with a smile,
“Stop worrying.”

I realized by resting in Him meant giving all my burdens to Him and not to worry about them anymore, no more stress, no panicking, no doubting, no self pity, just rest in His faithfulness, His goodness, His great and powerful ability to make all things new, His relentless love that always rescues and redeems. He has proven this to me time and time again. Why do I still worry?

That vision for some reason spoke so much to me about resting. It finally clicked. How can I truly rest in Him if I keep questioning here and there, if I give into worry because worry robs me of all peace and joy, worrying can even cause us not to focus on truth. Worry doesn’t solve a darn thing!

We can have all head knowledge of what the Word says, know all the right biblical answers, but here’s the thing, the key is to not just know the word and have the right answers BUT to apply the word, to honestly and truly trust Him, to believe what scripture we just read is actually the foundation we stand on and nothing can shake will come to pass when we speak it and believe it. The word is truly our weapon against the enemy.

We have to say I will no longer give in to stress and worry when it pops his ugly head. To deliberately be aware of our thoughts and attitudes when confronted with a difficult situation, therefore to deliberately start resting in Him immediately not giving into doubt and fear.

I am so grateful for His guidance. I am so grateful that this long marathon I have before me, I can take comfort in knowing that I can rest during it all.

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