Melissa Corbin

One afternoon when the house was quiet and I was the only person home, I had a quick vision when I was going through rough times regarding many different issues. Battle after battle.

I saw Jesus standing in a beautiful garden smiling at me from a distance, I ran to Him falling to my knees at His feet sobbing. I looked and saw myself holding a white flag in the air with my right hand as the wind was blowing it violently, my head hung low staring at His feet.

Holding that flag, I was saying, “Jesus I can’t do this on my own! I can’t fix the problems, I can’t change the circumstances, I don’t have the power, strength or wisdom to do the impossible, I give up, here take it all! Do what only you can do as I lay them all at your feet, I surrender.”

He kneeled to my level and took the flag from my hand and raised my head with His hand so our eyes met. He smiled and said, “All will be well, give them all to me, I want them all, every last one.” He then embraced me as I sobbed more tears but with relief.

I opened my eyes after the vision ended and I literally felt lighter, the burdens lifted and I knew all would work out, I truly believed this. It was a peace that went pass human understanding, I promise!

I remember Holy Spirit telling me, “You can’t hear me in the chaos, be still.”

He answered my prayers one by one when I finally stilled myself, I silenced the chaos inside which happened when I focused on Him without carrying the burdens any longer as He made it very clear they didn’t belong to me.

I saw the supernatural favor regarding each situation starting to happen soon after, I saw the doors open of opportunities which changed things step by step and I heard what He was telling me to do with each issue.

To me a life 100% dependant on Him is the ONLY way to live in peace and joy. As soon as I try to fix things and work things out in my own strength regarding anything big or small, my joy was robbed, some nights I tossed and turned and stress arose its ugly head which is very unhealthy.

I am learning that a total surrendered life is a life with no more panicking and sleepless nights, trying to do it all in my own strength and power, like if my human strength and my human power could solve and change everything, making everything right and perfect.

Can we heal terminal sicknesses? Can we know about accidents before they happen so we can stop them? Can we always know that our decisions will be the right ones so we can avoid the unfortunate consequences? Can we know our own future so we can prepare? Do we humans have great wisdom therefore resulting in avoiding mistakes?

Can’t we see How MUCH we need HOLY SPIRIT in every way, every day!

The Holy Spirit that lives in us is our everything, He is our protector, our counselor, our comforter, the one who corrects, He’s our guide for He knows all past, present and future. He is our provider, our healer. He is the one that gives all wisdom and discernment helping us to make the right decisions when we ask.

He is the one that can warn us against danger approaching, He is the one that can intervene in our circumstances bringing answers, victory, peace and miracles! He has been all these things to me and more.

Jesus wants a life that’s totally surrendered, a life that puts Him first in our day because we love Him, a life that gives Him everything, our time, our obedience, our concerns, worries, doubts which is what I did when I stopped panicking and stilled myself in His presence, basically silencing the flesh.

What freedom it brings when you don’t have to worry about the how’s, the whys, even the when’s. You just rest in His love knowing He heard you and He will answer. He is never late, He is always ON TIME! He will make the impossible, POSSIBLE!

Let me ask a question, who do you want in control of your life in every aspect? You or Jesus? My answer is JESUS!!

So, wave the white flag, surrender to Him with all we have as the burdens fall off our shoulders.

What freedom it brings when we don’t have to figure everything out, we don’t have to be in control of everything, we don’t have to have all the answers and we don’t even have to know what the answers look like, we just have to wait, trust and watch. Priceless!

“This is the word of the LORD to Zerubbabel: ‘Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the LORD Almighty…. Zachariah 4:6


“Rescued and Redeemed by Grace”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin