Trusting God

Melissa Corbin

In my life over the many years during my walk with Christ, I have had so many questions as to why this happened or why this didn’t happen in my own personal life and even others. As I learnt over the years from experience who God is, how good, merciful, patient, compassionate and kind He is, making NO mistakes and only wanting the best for all His children, I learnt how to be OK with not having all the answers for everything I was unsure about and even the things I’m still waiting on. His goodness silenced the “whys” and the “when” Lord?

There is always a perfect and Holy answer to what God has allowed and didn’t allow, what and how He has answered from prayer or even hasn’t answered as yet. His love never fails and He is never late.

As a Christian I will be touched by life’s difficult challenges, what I’m saying is I will always have trials once I have breath in my body, BUT Who am I to question God as His thoughts and ways are higher and perfect stemmed from pure love and sovereignty.

He is LOVE, and knowing this for a fact with no doubt at all, how good the heavenly Father is, makes me OK with not having all the answers as I keep praying and trusting Him, waiting for His perfect solution to manifest in my life concerning different aspects.

My prayer list is quite long to be honest with you, as I’m sure we all have our lists, I chose to give Him my burdens and great needs because they don’t belong to me. From experience I learnt Its impossible for me to carry them on my own thinking I can solve them or bring change.
Only my supernatural miracle maker, my best friend, my healer, my Savior, my King can carry and solve each issue in His perfect way from my hearts cry.

I believe everything in our life starts with a choice, I choose to remain in peace as I trust and wait upon my Jesus never giving up. He told me once years ago, “Melissa what matters to you, matters to me, even the little things. Trust me and watch.”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin