Truth about Rejection
I will no longer amplify rejection over acceptance!

Melissa Corbin

As I was writing about rejection, God gave me such a revelation about this lie.

“The question is, all the years I “felt” rejected, was I really a reject?
To allow myself to feel rejected means I would have had to believe I was not worthy of being loved or had any value, and even questioned my existence coming to the false conclusion of having no importance. Hence why I labelled myself as being a reject who always felt rejection. That WAS me.

So what is the truth about this rejection that so many people I have met experienced including myself?

If those things I listed above were true, then why did God do what He did for me if I was a reject?

We are not rejects, the enemy wants us to feel that we are due to how people and life treats us, but it’s such a lie. For Jesus to know our value therefore doing what He did on that cross, how can we consider ourselves a reject! Our acceptance by the world doesn’t measure our value, this world has no right to label us as rejects.

A while back I went into a vivid vision. I was on a windy hill with dust blowing around. I started to look up and saw Him on the cross. All I saw was red, everywhere was red from all the blood. I then saw myself rising up till I was face to face with Him.

His face was turned the other direction hanging low. I moved His hair that was stuck to the side of His face from all the blood, the blood then started dripping down from my fingers to my elbow. I kept sobbing while saying to Him, “Thank you, Thank you for doing this.”

He then turned His face and looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Melissa when I was on this cross, I saw your face.” The vision ended. I was a beautiful mess on the floor.

This is TRUTH! That We are SO loved, valued and considered incredibly important to God our Father no matter who we are or what we have done, that He thought His son dying was us worth living. 

This truth cancels out the lies of being rejected once and for all! So I will no longer amplify rejection over acceptance! …

“Rescued and Redeemed by Grace”

© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin