Melissa Corbin

We can’t grow in faith without a storm, and as painful as they can be, so many lessons can be learnt as they refine and shape us for destiny and His glory forever. As unpleasant as these storms can be, I have learnt they are important in Learning to grow in faith, endurance and patience.
We wouldn’t have the amazing stories of Joseph, David and even Paul if it weren’t for the intense storms of great testings they faced, these stories inspire us that violently seeking and trusting in God never fails. If they can do it so can we. Those storms refined and made them the mighty men of God that they were, devoted lovers of God that remained faithful.
I’ve noticed how storms can bring us closer to Him, very close actually. I guess desperation has a way of bringing us to our knees as we seek with everything inside us, waiting and knowing He is the only one who can help us overcome this battle.
During desperation, waiting will be one of the biggest challenges of our lives.
No one can ever love you like the Heavenly Father does, its supernatural. When that pure, selfless and relentless love from heaven becomes a reality to us, knowing that this perfect love has our back, the moment that reality finally hits us deep in our soul and all doubt then gets shattered, our perspective changes about life and the future.
Its one thing to actually experience a violent storm that tests our hearts to see if we believe what we so often quote from the bible is true and powerful, that HE is indeed who He says He is. I find an intense storm has the ability to help us see if we truly believe the word. Storms have a way of revealing the truth of one’s heart.
The word is indeed alive and true. I have learnt:
In the storm where it looks like nothing is changing or getting worse, that’s where we learn to trust in Him completely.
In the storm when we feel like we have lost so much, we will learn that He is truly enough.
In the storm when we feel incredibly lonely and the pain is unbearable, we learn that He truly is the comforter.
In the storm when we feel completely helpless, we learn He is indeed willing and able to do the impossible.
In the storms that squeezes us to such discomfort, we learn the importance of making sure only holiness leaks out.
In the storm when we are mentally exhausted and out of tears, we learn that truly He gives us supernatural strength to keep running each day.
In the storm when fear is screaming in our face, we then learn that fear can only work with what we entertain or permit. There is a difference between praying from fear and praying from faith.
In the storm when we wait upon the lord, and our total trust is in Him, this allows us to rest, remain calm and hold our peace and joy, knowing He’s fighting the battle for us. This leaves the enemy with nowhere to land with his web of lies.
After the storm is over and yes, they all end thank God, we realise a transformation in our mind has taken place and it’s a beautiful thing. You realise faith has grown and you are stronger which you will need for the next storm. With each storm I found that transformation continues as we become stronger.
I wish I can say that these storms will go away and be no more, but I can’t, there will be more when living on earth, we live in a world that is full of anger, pain and injustice, a world that is screaming for truth and answers, Jesus is the only way to find the answers to every problem, and find peace when standing in the midst of a storm.
There will be many battle scars BUT those scars will be our testimonies that inspire and encourage others in great hope. We will overcome all that life throws at us, we just have to make sure we don’t give up, we must keep praying and believing with great expectation in our hearts, not allowing the enemy’s distractions to throw us off. Remember we stand in the winner’s court with the King of Kings.
I am slowly learning to look at storms differently, I don’t invite them of course, but I am learning they bring lessons each time that keep showing me again and again how faithful, merciful and loving the Father is. Each storm that is fought with much prayer and faith always ends in God getting the glory for the breakthrough and His goodness.
The word indeed alive. He is enough.
© 2024 Melissa Lee Corbin